The first thing you have to remember about any dating service is that you aren’t looking to find love right off the bat, whether it is a fat dating service or any other type of online dating site. Finding a compatible friend is where you need to start.

The first, and most important rule of thumb when you join any of these sites is to be openly honest about everything. This includes your looks, likes, dislikes and any other relevant information about yourself. If you, for example, have kids lurking in the background be upfront about it. It’s going to come to light anyway! First problem solved.

Remember that no one is perfect. If you think you are going to find someone who fits to a tee everything you want in a date, you will be disappointed because there is no such person. Be realistic about what you are looking for and don’t have extremely high expectations. No one is going to fit the bill if you have the bar set too high.

Know that not everyone has an aversion to fat people! In fact, many, many people- both male and female would really love to get to know you. Just because you may be heavier than normal doesn’t mean there isn’t someone who would want to meet you and enjoy your company, and that doesn’t necessarily mean another ‘fat’ person.

Change the way you think of yourself. Don’t hate the fact that you are fat. Embrace it! Love yourself, respect yourself, and let that be a part of the image you present. Others who are viewing your profile and pictures will be able to tell right away that you are confident and secure with who you are, and they will definitely want to meet you.

Remember that someone who has all the physical attributes you desire may also be shallow and inconsiderate. That being said, you have to be willing to go on dates even if it means you end up with a bad taste in your mouth from some of your encounters. You won’t necessarily “click” with every person you date but you may end up with some great friends! You have to be willing to try.

Make a great first impression no matter who you meet. Dress your best, be considerate and ready to listen to your date. Even if you feel right from the start that this is not the “one” it makes you look good by being a genuinely nice date. It is always interesting to see what your dates have to say about themselves and gives you a chance to reconsider how you feel about him or her.

Don’t think that putting yourself out there is going to harm you in any way emotionally. Talking is the best way to get to really know someone and find out if he or she is being open and forthright about themselves, so you pretty much have to be willing to do the same thing. This may solve the dilemma about a second date right away.


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