According to “popular belief” people who are classified as ‘overweight’ have a hard time finding a date. Not only is this a total misconception, it is also an insult to anyone who does not conform to what society deems to be the ‘perfect’ body shape.

Seriously, is anyone perfect? This way of thinking may be the one reason overweight people have such low self esteem when they should not! People who are heavy need to learn how to overcome this and gain their self confidence, and there are several ways to accomplish this.

Learn to love yourself! Never, ever think you have to apologize for your size. Your ability to love is not diminished by what you weigh. In fact, you are more capable of giving unconditional love and affection than people who are of ‘normal’ weight simply because you know what it feels like to be ridiculed.

Of course, not everyone you meet is going to like you, regardless of your size, but in the same aspect, you don’t automatically like everyone else, either. Acceptance of your own body is the first step toward being content with who you are and building your self confidence. This lets others know that you are happy being you, flaws and all.

You also have to remember that while dating there are always going to be people who reject you not for your size, but for reasons other than that. Maybe your personalities just don’t ‘click’, or you have no common interests. Don’t immediately blame it on what you weigh! Walk away with experience gained.

Get out there and date without carrying so much baggage with you! Stop thinking of yourself as a fat person. Consider yourself curvy or voluptuous, or even full-figured instead. Once you change your way of thinking about your size you will see that you have so much more to offer someone.

If you are considering a dating site on-line be as honest as you can when describing yourself. Don’t hide behind older, outdated pictures because you are ashamed of how you look. Be upfront and proud of who you are! Let your true personality shine through and focus on your assets and interests.

Being open and funny about yourself shows that you are confident and relaxed and really love who you are! Remember, you may not like a potential date, either. The dating process works both ways! If you truly like yourself others will genuinely like you too. Your inner personality, the glow you have from being truly happy, your self esteem and your sense of humor are all you need to be successful in the dating game.

Once you have all that in place your confidence will soar and you will undoubtedly have more dates that one person can handle. Be proud, hold your head up high and go forward with confidence! Size has nothing to do with your ability to be happy, or to make anyone else feel the same. Reject those who snub you…there are hundreds of others who want to really get to know you.

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