It’s a well known fact that dating can suck if you are overweight, but it doesn’t have to! Larger guys should never have to suffer from a lack of women wanting to meet them, either. Women do like big guys…a lot! Just take a closer look around you to see what I mean. Have you ever seen a well known celebrity and their mate who is quite large by most standards?

Seriously, men come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them are slim, trim, and well developed. A wise woman knows this and unless she is shallow and vain she chooses her man not for his size, but for the way he respects her and cares for her. Lessons to be learned here, big guys! Read on for a few dating tips.

Be considerate and kind
Every woman, and I mean every woman, wants to be treated with kindness and respect. If you do this right from the start with every woman you meet, you will have no problems getting a date-even with the most gorgeous woman.

Listen and pay attention to her
Don’t date her just because you want to prove that you can, or because you want your friends to see you with a beautiful girl. If you ask and she accepts, talk to her and really get to know her. Don’t try to fake it, either! She will know and get rid of you like yesterday’s news. Be genuine.

Don’t apologize for your size
Accept yourself for who you are and never make excuses about, or for your size. Work with it to look your best. A large guy can look just as sharp as a toned man if you pay attention to what you wear. You may feel more relaxed in baggy clothes but they do nothing to flatter you. Wear clothes that fit even if you feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Don’t let your insecurities show
Many larger guys think they have to make jokes about their size and how they got that way. Don’t. You are who you are, and if you are comfortable with your size it won’t even be important to your date. Obviously she has eyes and can see for herself so there is absolutely no reason to bring it up in the first place. She is with you, so it must not bother her, so why let it bother you?

Remember-there are a lot of jerks out there
Unfortunately, there are far too many people in the world who want nothing more than to make you the butt of their lame, fat jokes. As hard as it may be to do, learn to ignore them for the jerks that they are, thus taking away their “power” to hurt or shame you. There are always going to be people like this, and if they weren’t making fun of you, they would be doing something asinine to someone else.

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