There are a lot of myths about plus size dating and plus size people that it will be nice to clear up a few of them right here. Most of these stories are rumors and gossip started by people who have a distinct dislike for anyone who is overweight. These people take delight in making up stories about fat people just because they can and no other reason. Whether you choose to believe this is up to you, but most of it is simply not true!

One myth is that women who are plus size are so desperate for someone that they will do anything-and I mean anything – for a date. Not true at all! Just because a woman is large does not mean she is easy, and we all know what that term means. No decent plus size woman is going to resort to these tactics just to hang on to a man. Seriously? If you believe that about plus size women you need to readjust the way you think, because it is simply not true by any stretch of the imagination. Myth #1 shattered.

Let’s move on to self esteem. Plus size women in general have plenty of that! They know their worth and are proud of who they are regardless of size. They don’t need a man in their life just to boost their ego. Dates are nice of course but plus size girls are just as happy spending time with their friends. They are definitely not sitting home alone craving the companionship of a man. If it happens, it happens and if not now, then someday soon at her choosing. So, fat girls aren’t any more lonely than skinny chicks. There goes myth #2.

Fat girls only date fat guys. Now that is a myth if I ever heard one! Plus size girls date anyone they please and there are plenty of skinny guys clamoring for their attention. In fact, skinny guys find that it harder to get a date with a plus size gal because she doesn’t trust their motives, and why should she? She knows that she can pick and choose should she care to, and it doesn’t mean she has to date a fat guy just because she is larger. She may, but that is her choice. It is not as if she is an alien who dates outside her species for crying out loud! So myth #3 is just that-a myth.

Plus size dating myths are just that-myths made up a long time ago and carried over to now. Look around you to see that they are just not true. You see all kinds of people of all sizes dating anyone they please. If it bothers you then you are the one with the problem! Or perhaps your self esteem is so low that you just can’t stand to see anyone else enjoying life regardless of their size. Time to shatter the plus size dating myths for good!

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