If you are overweight, or plus-sized, keep in mind that you are not the only one! Over 34% of Americans fit into this category. If you are having problems controlling your weight, or just cannot seem to shed those unwanted pounds, there are hundreds of other people just like you, so no, you are not alone.

You have to remember that beauty comes from within…it’s not always about the outer wrapping. If every plus- sized individual could overcome feelings of inadequacy or shame about his or her size, and instead be proud of who you are, everyone would be happier.

Yes, there always going to be the people who will look down on you for your size, but this is really their problem, not yours! If you love yourself and carry on proudly it won’t take long for these people realize that their opinion matters little to you. Look around-do you see perfection? Never.

Your size has little effect on who you really are inside. If you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful inside and out, you will soon see that you really are! Plus-size people of all ages deal with snide comments, sidelong glances of disgust, and rude and hurtful comments. They are not the ones with a problem.

If you take the time to notice, many plus size people are happy, gregarious, and outgoing. They have many, many friends who love to share their company. These are the people who have not let their weight define them. They are happy, content, and never let anyone else get them down. They also know that they are not alone and the world does not consist of just thin people.

Ask yourself who you really are! What makes you happy? Would you feel better if you were one of these ‘skinny’ people, or is your life exactly what you want it to be? What would you change about yourself, if anything? Remember, every one of the 34% of overweight Americans are probably asking themselves the same question.

Look around to see just how not alone you really are. All you have to do is join any dating site to see that there are hundreds of people interested in meeting you-and not for your size! If you can look at yourself and be happy with your size, other people will want to reach out to you simply because you project such an air of confidence. They will want to meet you.

If your size is making you unhappy, there are so many things you can do to overcome this. Making the effort will also allow you to feel better physically as well as mentally and you may realize that your weight isn’t really the problem at all, but rather the way you are conceived by others. Once you develop a better attitude you will care less about what anyone else thinks! The only opinion that matters is your own, so be happy with yourself.

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